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Want to enjoy the finest cuisine, escape from it all, bring back the romance or pursue relaxing outdoor activities? You can have it all by visiting the Hunter Valley Region.

This lovely mecca offers gardens to explore, cheese and wine tastings, countless vineyards, spas galore, and fine dining for you, your loved ones and friends.

Often chosen as a hideaway place for fine dining for a day or spending the night, restaurants Hunter Valley will not disappoint.

The use of the freshest local ingredients has made the culinary reputation of the Hunter Valley a force to reckon with. The serving of acclaimed wines to the varied menus served in the different restaurants of the Hunter Valley Region up the ante in the fine dining experience.


The Boutique Brewhouse dining experience

The various crafted beer styles make the pasta, bites, homemade pies, and pizza taste more fantastic. This is the unique and family-friendly dining experience provided by indoor and outdoor seating by boutique Brewhouse restaurants in the Hunter Valley.


Cafe & Restaurant dining

Relaxing during the weekend is enhanced by hearty servings of Australian-style breakfast, brunch or late-night dinner. Dinner can be a gustatory trip with the eight-course servings provided by most cafes & restaurants in the Hunter Valley.


Season’s best dining

Dining on the freshest local produce can be enjoyed with restaurants in the Hunter Valley offering the season’s best. The alfresco dining enhances the ambience and taste of the best foods the season has to offer.


European-inspired fine dining

Restaurants located in the vineyards of Hunter Valley offer European-inspired menus to enhance the ambience of the surroundings. Amazing mountain range views presented by these types of restaurants make the dining the most elegant ever.


Asian-inspired seafood dining

A yearning for the fresh catch of the day and season can be enjoyed at Asian-inspired seafood restaurants in Hunter Valley. Restaurants like these types are usually located alongside serene lake spots in Hunter Valley. This is to ensure the best tranquil and relaxing ambience is offered for all choosing this kind of dining experience.

Vineyard, winery, and restaurant

Most vineyards in the Hunter Valley Region offer accommodation, wines, cafes, and eating places. Opting to take advantage of the various offers of these vineyards reap benefits in terms of ambience, views, wine-tasting, great accommodation, and exquisite dining experiences. Each food serving will be equally matched by a suitable wine.

Kitchen gardens restaurants

Some vineyards in the Hunter Valley Region offer kitchen garden type of restaurants. This means that vegetables and wines served during mealtime come from directly from the vineyard and orchard. Additionally, favourite food items such as bread, pasta, butter, gelato, and cheeses are freshly prepared in the area. The estate-grown menu items offered by these types of restaurants make them the perfect choice for families and groups of people who want to experience the best Hunter Valley had to offer.

Free-range game and poultry

The delicious products offered by some restaurants in Hunter Valley include free-range game and poultry. Additionally, fresh seafood from the nearby coastline is served for those who want to experience eating the day’s catch.

The Hunter Valley Region is open to all visitors for all seasons. The menu offerings of the restaurants depend on the available produce of a season. Rest assured though that the dining experience in Hunter Valley will always be exceptional in all seasons. So what restaurant is the best in Hunter Valley? It all depends on your personal preference.




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