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Have you been picking up your meat packs from supermarkets? If yes, then you would be surprised to know that health conscious people prefer buying their meat the good and old fashioned way. That is, they directly purchase all their meat from a butcher shop. The fact that people have realised the importance of eating fresh has once again led a surge in butcher shops across Rock Hampton.

So why exactly should you be eating your meat fresh? The following are some reasons why buying meat directly from a butcher is a great idea.

  • Meat packs in super market may not exactly be fresh. You never know how long the meat has been sitting in the refrigerator. A day or two or maybe more. At a butcher shop you can be assured that the meat is always fresh. This is because the butcher always cuts their meat in front of you.
  • When you are buying meat from a good butcher’s shop they would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the quality of the meat. If you ask them where they get their meat supply from, they would only be too happy to let you know. This is because meat comes from animals kept at specialised farms which only rear cattle and chicken.
  • The cattle and chicken are fed with fresh food and reared in a healthy environment. This is why the meat is also high quality.
  • Once you start buying your meat fresh you won’t ever at to go back to the super market variety. Even the simple cuts of meat taste delicious and add a certain flavour to your food.
  • Also the butcher would advise on which cuts of meat with go with the recipe you have in mind. Whether you are planning a small dinner for the family or having a BBQ with friends, they would make suggestions which could take your culinary skills to the next level.
  • The meat which is packaged and kept in the markets is kept frozen for long periods of time this leads to loss of moisture and eventually the meat getting a bit too chewy. It somehow loses its moisture when being cooked and the results is a hard lump of meat without any taste or juiciness. Whereas freshly cut meat from the butcher has a succulence of another kind.


Making sure the meat you get from the butcher in Rockhampton is fresh

The following are a few things which should be kept in mind even when you purchase meat from a butcher

  • Notice the colour of the meat. Fresh meat has a soft pink colour which maybe slightly darker or lighter. However meat which looks purplish or brown is definitely not fresh and it should be something which you should be buying.
  • The bones on fresh meat are white and sturdy. This is an indication that the meat has been cut on that very day and hasn’t been kept on the shelf too long
  • The fat should be white and not yellowing. Yellow fat is another indication of the meat not being fresh.

For the best meat cuts make sure you visit butchers in Rockhampton.

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