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You have an unbridled passion for travel and would you like to know how to make some money during the holidays? We will tell you how to do it. And no, a computer is not needed.

Because, although becoming a travel blogger for free travel in luxurious resorts is a bit ‘everyone’s dream, it is certainly not a simple goal to achieve: serving consistency and, above all, need talent. It is not enough to have a certain number of followers on their social profiles, to earn money with their travels. In the best case, you get free flights or accommodation: but how do you get it, the current account?

To earn travel there are several ways. First of all, there is the Working Holiday Visa , a visa – very popular especially in Australia– which lasts one year and which allows you to enter the country legally to work . Other countries that provide for it are Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and many European countries. Having a visa that allows you to find a job in the country where you travel is definitely the easiest way to earn, but what are the alternatives?

If you like to meet new people, you can propose yourself as a worker for hostels : most of the facilities do not pay, but allow you to stay for free (and tips are on the agenda). Or, you can take advantage of your sporting skills: if you have a license to teach divers , you can do it anywhere in the world there is a beautiful coral reef. On the other hand, if you are particularly talented in dance, yoga or any sport, propose to teach it as a freelancer in the gym or on the beach , making sure that in the country where you are not required a visa for this type of work.

If you are not older than 30, you could also propose as a girl (or boy) au pair : not only is it a way to earn a little, this, but it is also the best choice to live fully the culture of a country, living as a member of the host family. On the other hand, if you are a bit older, you can think of proposing yourself as a guide for a tour operator (if, for example, you know a destination like your pockets) or you can apply to work on board a yacht: there are people who work 6 months a year to travel the remaining 6, and the semester is equally sensational for them. Because if working on board a yacht can also involve a bit ‘heavy duties, it happens that the beautiful ship is anchored for weeks on a beach paradise, and it will be a bit’ like feeling on vacation.

Finally, you can propose to teach English (if you are not a native English speaker, just having passed the TEFL) a “profession” much in demand especially in Asia and South America: TEFL Certificate allows you to work as a teacher anywhere, make very good use! If, on the other hand, foreign languages ​​are not your forte and your destination is at a high rate of parties, ask yourself to sell tickets for disco nights, concerts, musicals.