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Latest News

Whale Watching

Here Is All You Need To Know About Hervey Bay Whale Watch Boats

Among whale watchers and even those who do not enjoy the hobby, Hervey Bay is known as one of the most amazing places to experience the amazing wonders of whale watching. This primarily explains why the entire area is dotted with whale watch boats. It is these Hervey Bay whale watch boats that we will be talking about in the following sections of this article.


Not a few people have wondered why there has to be a boat constructed for the sole aim of watching whales. This is a legitimate query, and interestingly, it turns out that there are excellent reasons for what many will consider an anomaly. The thing here is that all ocean-going or seafaring vessels are specialised and highly-customised.

The specialisation of design and customisation during construction are due to the peculiarities of the functions that each vessel is subjected to. For example, just as an oil tanker is designed for the transport of the black gold and fishing trawlers for catching massive amounts of fish, whale watch boats are also specially designed to be able to give maximum comfort when it comes to watching these giants of the deep. This explains why it is designed with this specific purpose in mind.


As hinted above, a whale watch boat is a special and different type of boat. What that means is that it is quite different in shape, design, and purpose with most of the other boats that many people are generally familiar with. A good example is the presence of a wide observation deck and the absence of long fishing lines like those seen in a fishing trawler. The Hervey Bay whale watch boats is also equipped with specific viewing gadgets like binoculars and specialised navigational equipment which can be so advanced to the extent that some of them are able to detect the sonar waves emitted by the whales themselves.


Just about anyone can own a whale watch boat. This holds true as long as the person applying for the ownership or the certification of the craft is able to meet all the various requirements that are attached to this. This varies from state to state, from country to country and from municipality to municipality. In Australia, the information is readily available at virtually any maritime authority or agency saddled with this responsibility.

Multiple Uses

Even though it is understandable to think that because whale watch boats are called thus, they cannot be used for any other function. Well, this is strictly not the case at all times. As a matter of fact, some whale watch boats are explicitly designed with the primary aim of ensuring that they can be used for numerous purposes.

Information on Wedding Car Hire in Sydney

If you interview 100 people on the streets at random and you ask them to tell you of the most memorable day of their lives, do not be surprised if a vast majority of the respondents reply without blinking that it is their wedding day. Yes, all over the world, irrespective of the culture, history or even faith, wedding ceremonies hold a significant place in the hearts of millions around the globe.

It is due to this that the special day of the celebration of love and the joining of souls together is planned for in the most careful way. Today, we will be revealing more information specifically on the wedding car in Sydney. The following sections will give much more specific details on this.

What is a chauffeured wedding car in Sydney?

Probably you are one of the countless and anxious romantic couples in the great city of Sydney looking forward to your big wedding day with your lover, but the only obstacle is that you are totally clueless about wedding car hire. Why? You have never done a wedding before, so you have no idea of how these elaborate vehicle trains are organised. Do not worry as we now live in an information age.

Wedding car hire services are all over Sydney, and you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you actually do not have to stress yourself that much to get the contact of a perfect and reliable one. A quick search on the cyberspace will give you a tremendous horde of information and all you need to know about a chauffeur in Sydney.

How Can You Know You Are Getting The Best?

This can sound like a tricky question, but it is a crucial one. So how will you know you are truly getting the best of deals from your local wedding car hire company in Sydney? Well, one of the best ways you can ensure this is to actually contact former clients who have had their weddings and ask them of their experiences with the chauffeured car hire company you want to make use of.

If the responses that you are given by the former clients are overwhelmingly positive, then you can be sure you are in safe hands. However, if what you get are angry and entirely negative responses from embittered couples then you should better get another company.

Another simple but very effective way by which you can get to know if your car hire company is really legit or not is to check the string of reviews that other customers have left on their website or social media pages. This often yields a lot of beneficial information that will ultimately guide your decision.

Great Ocean Road One Day Tour

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime

If you have signed up for the great ocean road one day tour, you must know you have made a decision you won’t regret. The scenic trials and the breath taking beauty of this long stretch of land is sure to leave you spell bound. Whether you are an avid hiker or a true nature lover, there is enough beauty along the scenic route for you to feast your eyes on. And not to forget the delicious cuisines on offer raging from Thai food to the scrumptious local offerings, there is something to tantalise every palate.

If you are looking for a day filled with adventure and excitement, then a great ocean road one day tour is just the right tour for you. Along with having beautiful locations, the route is filled with wonderful landmarks as well. Just make sure you book a tour with the right people. They would actually make it more enjoyable for you.

To make the most of the one day tour, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Before the actual day of the tour make sure you have made an advance booking. Sometimes during peak tourist seasons most tour buses get full pretty quickly. So if you want to make sure you get a chance to watch Australia’s most scenic route closely, you make a booking in advance.
  • There are several kind of tours available. There is a simple day tour and then there is the Great Ocean Road one day tour. The former is shorter and could be for a few hours only. Also you won’t be able to stop at any of the landmarks for more than a little while. However a complete day tour means you would be stopping over at different scenic routes and getting a chance to picture the amazing beauty of the place.
  • Make sure you check out with at least two or three tour agencies. Choose a tour which is best suited for you and is well within your budget as well. it would be good to choose a tour which is organised and offers you more than what other tours are willing to offer you.
  • Get to know whether you would be offered lunch on the tour. There are several contractors who include lunch and dinner in the amount that you have paid. However, if you are a bit more adventurous you might like to sample some food along the way whether local or continental. There are several cafes and restaurants where you could find the best food.
  • On the day of the tour make sure you have a small bag packed and ready. The evenings may get cooler so don’t forget to slip in a cardigan in your travel bag. Also get hold of some sunscreen and don’t forget your camera because you would be taking loads of pictures.

Wildest Places to Get Engaged and With What Ring

Searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring can be really overwhelming for some people. Before you make the final decision so many things like budget, style and preference come into mind. Though there are no rules on what kind of engagement ring you should go for, there are certain guidelines which should be kept in mind when shopping diamond engagement rings in Sydney.

When buying a white diamond ring you should keep in mind the four C’s, these include cut, colour, clarity and carat. However, these rules don’t apply for coloured stones and you could choose which ever best quality is.

The Cut

The cut refers to the angle and the proportion of the stone. The cut is one of the most important things to consider when buying a diamond engagement rings. A well cut diamond has a mirror like facets which reflect the light and gives the diamond its sparkling look. This quality is known as brilliance.

The colour

A diamond which is structurally perfect has no colour at all. It has no hue. The degree of colourlessness is graded from D which is colourless to Z which is slightly yellow in colour. Colourless stones are the most expensive. This is why a colourless pristine diamond always costs more.

Clarity of the diamond

A diamond which is free from impurities tends to be more expensive.  Inclusions in the diamonds occur when the diamonds are being formed in the earth’s crust. Finding a diamond which is flawless is something which is very rare. The clarity of the diamond is also measured according to scale. There are some diamonds which have imperfections are often not visible to the naked eye.


The carat refers to the size and weight of the diamond. The larger the carat the rarer is a diamond.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that a diamond with a larger correct tends to look bigger. A diamond which ah a smaller carat but a shallow cut looks larger. The appearance of size is often an illusion which is created through things like the cut, design and the mount of the diamond ring.

When buying a diamond rings from Oroginale Jewellery there are also certain other factors to consider. These include

  • The shape and geometry of the ring.
  • The setting of the ring. For example the way a stone is mounted says a great deal about its look. You can get advice from your jeweller and even try a few diamond rings in different settings to see which one looks best on your finger.
  • Choosing the metal. There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing the metals. You can choose platinum which is the least hypoallergenic of all metals and is great for people with sensitive skin. Then there is gold which comes in different hues. You can also choose palladium which has somewhat of a more grey colour when compared to platinum. All these metals cost more or less. Choose one which works well for you.

Why fresh meat is a better option?

Have you been picking up your meat packs from supermarkets? If yes, then you would be surprised to know that health conscious people prefer buying their meat the good and old fashioned way. That is, they directly purchase all their meat from a butcher shop. The fact that people have realised the importance of eating fresh has once again led a surge in butcher shops across Rock Hampton.

So why exactly should you be eating your meat fresh? The following are some reasons why buying meat directly from a butcher is a great idea.

  • Meat packs in super market may not exactly be fresh. You never know how long the meat has been sitting in the refrigerator. A day or two or maybe more. At a butcher shop you can be assured that the meat is always fresh. This is because the butcher always cuts their meat in front of you.
  • When you are buying meat from a good butcher’s shop they would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the quality of the meat. If you ask them where they get their meat supply from, they would only be too happy to let you know. This is because meat comes from animals kept at specialised farms which only rear cattle and chicken.
  • The cattle and chicken are fed with fresh food and reared in a healthy environment. This is why the meat is also high quality.
  • Once you start buying your meat fresh you won’t ever at to go back to the super market variety. Even the simple cuts of meat taste delicious and add a certain flavour to your food.
  • Also the butcher would advise on which cuts of meat with go with the recipe you have in mind. Whether you are planning a small dinner for the family or having a BBQ with friends, they would make suggestions which could take your culinary skills to the next level.
  • The meat which is packaged and kept in the markets is kept frozen for long periods of time this leads to loss of moisture and eventually the meat getting a bit too chewy. It somehow loses its moisture when being cooked and the results is a hard lump of meat without any taste or juiciness. Whereas freshly cut meat from the butcher has a succulence of another kind.


Making sure the meat you get from the butcher in Rockhampton is fresh

The following are a few things which should be kept in mind even when you purchase meat from a butcher

  • Notice the colour of the meat. Fresh meat has a soft pink colour which maybe slightly darker or lighter. However meat which looks purplish or brown is definitely not fresh and it should be something which you should be buying.
  • The bones on fresh meat are white and sturdy. This is an indication that the meat has been cut on that very day and hasn’t been kept on the shelf too long
  • The fat should be white and not yellowing. Yellow fat is another indication of the meat not being fresh.

For the best meat cuts make sure you visit butchers in Rockhampton.

Australian Marlin Charters

A Low Down on the Marlin

Interested in Australian marlin charters? The marlin or the bill fish is considered as the pinnacle of offshore fishing. This is mainly due to the sheer power and size of the marlin and also because it’s a pretty rare catch. Marlin fishing dates backs to the 1930’s. There have literally been books written on the thrill and technique of catching a marlin.

The following are a few interesting facts on Marling fishing.

  • The most widely pursued species is the blue marlin found in the Atlantic and Pacific seas. They can reach a great size and their powerful fighting abilities make them the number one choice of enthusiastic anglers.
  • The marlin is a bony fish but can reach great sizes. A female marlin can be around 450kgs with the male being a little less the 400 Kgs.
  • The marlin I an eclectic feeder. It can eat anything from miniature file fish to tuna like fishes.

Fishing techniques used at Australian marlin charters

The fishing techniques and gear widely depend upon the size and kind of marlin being caught. The main methods used by fishermen are as follows.

Natural bait fishing

The traditional methods of catching the marlin was to make use of natural bait. The Spanish mackerel and the ballyhoo are widely used.

Artificial baits

The marlin is quite aggressive and responds well to artificial baits which splash and provide a bubble trial. Trolling with lures is quite popular. There are many designs which can be used to troll the marlin. Lures can be different sizes a typical small one is no more than eight inches. The medium ones being around twelve inches and the large ones being about 14 inches. These can have a shapes plastic or metal head to which the hook is attached. Experienced anglers know several methods to fine true their lures so they can always get a good chance of catching the much prized marlin.

Use of live bait

The usual live bait fishing involves using tuna. The trolling speed is kept limited because the bait has to remain alive and therefore needs to be tolled slowly.

The blue marlin is can be found on both the east and the west coast of Australia. Marlin sighting have been recorded as far as the Tasmanian bay in the east and Albany on the west coast. A blue marlin of over 1000 pounds has said to be spotted in the Australian waters. Still the best catches are attributed to the Gold Coast. The blue marlin can be captured when the water temperature is bit more then temperate. The fishing season in Australia is at peek from January to May or June.

All fishing methods like lure fishing, live bait fishing and artificial bates are used successfully in Australia. The blue marlin is usually sought after by anglers and spotted too while people have been fishing for the striped marlin.

For more information on Australian marlin charters make sure you talk to a registered Australian company.

Top Wedding Venues in Brisbane

Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Reception Venue in Brisbane

Preparing for a wedding is a daunting task for many, especially choosing a reception venue. The venue is where your wedding ceremony occurs, explaining why it is important to choose only the best.

The chosen venue also affects other aspects of your wedding such as décor. Here are some top tips to help you choose the best wedding reception venue in Brisbane:

Determine The Size Of The Venue –

First, determine how many people you would like to invite to your wedding reception venue. The wedding reception venue Brisbane you choose should comfortably accommodate the number of people you expect to grace your event.

Looking at the venue when it is not set up can be misleading. Consult with your wedding planner on how the set up will be made and whether the venue will work for you.


Another crucial aspect of a wedding venue is privacy. If you choose a venue that’s in a public place, chances are you might see strangers walk past when your ceremony is happening.

Furthermore, some venues host different events concurrently, something that may inhibit your privacy. Therefore, consult with the management of the area on how private your ceremony will be.


One of the hindrances most couples have when choosing wedding reception venues in Brisbane is price. Determine how much you can afford so you only consider venues within your price range.

Create a budget in advance and allocate the right portion for your venue so all other aspects of your wedding are also catered for.

Determine The Style Of Your Wedding

Do you want your reception to be done exclusively indoors or outdoors? What are the colour themes of your wedding and the prominent colour palettes in the venue? Permanent colour schemes used in decorating the venue should go well with your wedding colour theme.

The structures at the venue determine the theme of your wedding. Is your wedding a classic fairy tale or a traditional one? The right venue should bring out the intended theme of your wedding really well.

Acoustics and Lighting

The lighting at the venue determines the ambience of your wedding when night falls. Make sure lighting can be controlled for the right mood. If you’re planning your wedding indoors, make sure the room has low echoes or none at all. Echoes can spoil the quality of music from the band or affect speech as people talk.

See Previous Pictures From The Venue

A wedding reception venue Brisbane might not look as adorable in the pictures as you might see it in reality. It is good to ask for pictures of previous weddings held in the venue to see how the pictures appear.

It is also recommended that you visit the venue at the time of day when your ceremony is expected to occur. It ensures you get a clear mental picture of what your big day will be like.

It is important to think about your guests. What will their experience be like? Ensure that there are enough charging ports, ample parking spaces, enough rooms for different activities and ample security.



Travelling abroad can be a daunting task for those who are not well prepared for the complete culture shock they might be jumping into. But it doesn’t have to be. Good preparation goes a long way into enjoying your vacation and not feel like the entire experience was a nightmare that won’t end. This article focuses on the most common tips and tricks one must know to ensure that their trip will be as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Hotel Business Cards

It is a good practice to obtain a business card of the hotel you are staying at. This way if you find yourself lost, you have this card to rely on to get you home if you have trouble with the local language. It’s just a little extra insurance and that never hurts to have.

  1. Passport Renewal

If your passport expires in the next months, its good practice to get it renewed. It is not uncommon for countries to deny you entry if it does. This is on the off chance that, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may stay in the country after it has expired. Trust me that is way more trouble than anyone wants. If you travel a lot, try to align the passport renewal in the downtime between travels so your schedule is not affected.

  1. Fraud Alerts

Notify your credit card companies that you will be leaving the country and duration of your trip so when you do use your card, it doesn’t get flagged and blocked when you need it the most. Also, keep in mind countries you may be visiting on a layover to completely protect yourself while using your credit card with confidence.


  1. Carry medicine

It might be wise to carry around regular medication for common illness as a just in case. It is a headache to find a drugstore and find the medicine you are looking for sometimes because of the language barrier. You never know when a bout of the flu or diarrhoea might hit especially third world countries.

  1. Cheaper Flights

It is smart to check the local airlines in the country you are visiting because you might be getting a better deal. You can end up paying literally half the amount if you are willing to go through translating the pages using a service like Google Translate. These services have gotten to a point where it has become so reliable there is no reason not to use them.

  1. Unwanted Local Currency

One of the best ways to get rid of the local currency is to give to the hotel when you are checking out. Give out all the local money you have and then pay the rest with a card. This way you won’t have a bunch of loose change leftover.

By following these tips you can make your international trips a little easier and more fun. The lesser you have to worry about small things, the more you can take in from your hard earned vacation.



Travelling brings with it a kind of joy that is unparalled and unlike anything else. It helps you unwind, experience the unexpected and simply take a minute away from the complexities of everyday life. Today travellers are more aware than ever of all the world has to offer and thus puts a lot of thought into every destination they decide to visit. In this article we have listed out some of the best places to travel to, by popular opinion.

Initially a volcano strictly inaccessible by travellers, today Bora Bora is the perfect vacation spot. The volcano having subsided has formed a barrier reef and this prevents any high waves and makes for a quiet and protected sanctuary. The island is surrounded by pristine blue waters and vacationers can get themselves cottages right in the heart of the island, a stone throw away from the beach.
bora bora

Marrakech is an abundance of souks, mosque’s, palaces and more. The city is a whirlwind of colours and fabrics and will keep you exploring for days. Its markets are an array of appealing products like silverware, brass ware and handicrafts that will leave you haggling with shop owners. The main square of Marrakech, Djemaa El-Fna is overflowing with the locals, musicians and even snake charmers to entertain you.


Earlier often viewed as simply a ‘just passing by’ city, Prague has now earned the reputation of a popular spot for all European travellers who stop at the city for its breweries, parties and scenic spots to feast the eye. Couples on their honey moon love a visit to the Cesky Krumlov, perhaps the most romantic town in the entirety of Europe.

4: ROME:
Rome, Italy, the Eternal city, is a favourite of all travellers since time immemorial. The largest city in Italy, Rome boasts of an abundance of attractions which includes the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican City and St Peters Basilica, just to name a few.

It is no wonder this city makes the cut to the list of best places to visit. The city of light has always been on the bucket list for all travel lovers and this is no surprise because it hosts a large array of sightseeing spots, designer boutiques, beautiful cakes and of course, the Eiffel Tower. The French locals are gentle and hospitable and will leave you feeling very welcome in their city that is filled to the brim with art, fashion and beauty. Apart from the Eiffel tower, some of the most beautiful spots in Paris include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, the palace of Versailles etc.

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