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Tips for finding the best bars in Nundah

If you are looking for a cool atmosphere and a happening place so that you can have a great time with your friends, then you need to find a good bar in Nundah. The following are tips that will help you find the fantastic places where you can have the time of your life.

Easy ways to find bars in Nundah

One of the best ways to find a bar that you love is through your social media connections. If you have Facebook friends, you might often have seen them putting pictures of the places they visited with friends. If there is someone you know who works within the hospitality industry, they might be able to provide you with some. If you are looking for a bar or a hangout place in Nundah, you can always post about it by writing a post on Facebook asking for recommendations. You are going to get lots of advice, but you have to be careful and choose a place which is well suited for your particular taste.

Now that you have names on your list, it is important that you follow through. Get on the internet and do your research. Take a look at the Instagram pages of the bars that you have listed and see the ratings which their patrons have given them. Get to know whether these places have recommendations and what people have to say about the atmosphere and services. This is a great way of knowing more about a place because you get unbiased reviews and then you can make a decision based upon what you have read about a bar.

If you are a solo drinker, you might enjoy a more hospitable and comfortable place where the hospitality is genuine and you can have a good time seated in your own personal space. On the other hand if you like to party and are planning to visit the bars with your friends, you need to find a place which has a pool table and a wonderful juke box to keep the music flowing.

When looking for a bar, it all comes down to your own personal preference. No two people are the same and this is why it is essential that you find a place which matches your vibe. When you walk into a bar, you might have certain expectations regarding it. Finding out more about it before going to a specific place would allow you to avoid any unwanted surprises. This way, you will be able to find a place which is up to your expectations and where you can have a good time.

There are several things which go towards making a great bar. It all starts with the décor, the atmosphere, the selection of drinks and the food. These are just a few broad headings that make up a great place. We highly recommend that you try out Norths Devils.

Tips to Book the Perfect Meeting Room

There are lots of questions to ask when choosing Gold Coast meeting rooms. You can do a few things to make sure you don’t make mistakes when booking a meeting room. Here are seven ways to book the perfect meeting space.

Perfect meeting room tips

Below are useful tips to choose the ideal Gold Coast function venues.

  1. Find out who is on your guest list

How many people you invite will significantly impact the size of your venue. For a conference, a 12 person guest list may not require much space. However, ample space will be required for large meetings. It is not a good idea to have everyone squeezed into a small space. You should match the number of your guests with the space available. This will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time at your meeting.

  1. The purpose of the meeting

Your brand should be represented in the venue. Choose a brighter, more spacious location for a fun afternoon of team-building exercises and activities. For large meetings of clients or executives, choose a more formal and historical environment. The purpose of the event will determine the mood in the meeting room.

  1. Choose the right location

A successful off-site meeting is dependent on the location. The ideal location for your meeting space should be centrally located so that everyone can access it. It should be easily accessible by everyone and not hidden down a side street that no one can find. It must be easily accessible to public transportation and parking, or adequate and ideal free parking.

  1. A realistic expectation of headcount and space

Do you plan on having an all-hands meeting with remote workers or contractors? You can rent a space that is large enough for everyone. Do not try to squeeze 200 people in a space meant for 150. If you want to impress, make sure you give your interviewer enough space. Interviewing potential contractors or new employees in cramped but elegant offices will give them the wrong impression. A customer will feel uncomfortable meeting you in a small, cramped room. They’ll be curious about what other things you are cutting corners on to save money.

  1. Take a look at the amenities you need and those you don’t

Before you begin to look at meeting rooms, make a list of what you need and what you want. While you want comfortable chairs, there must be enough seating for everyone. You want to cater to the event yourself without the need for a third party. To make your presentation memorable, you need the right equipment. To impress clients, you will need an executive chair and a table. Before looking at potential locations, make sure you have all your requirements met.

  1. Facilities

Sometimes we need to rent more than a conference table and chairs. For example, for team building exercises, you might want to rent a hotel room at a reasonable rate so that your team can stay the night in a comfortable facility. You may also need to rent a space for product demonstrations and private meetings.

7.      Compare meeting rooms

There is nothing like going directly to the venue and inspecting it. You should visit your venue well in advance of the meeting. Do you require an electrical outlet to install a microphone stand or projector in a particular area of the room? Are you sure the space will be able to host your meeting? You can visit the venue before you go to help you plan the space layout that best suits your meeting purpose.

Final thoughts on choosing the perfect meeting room

The right meeting space can make a big difference in business settings. If you are looking for the best Gold Coast meeting rooms, make sure you read the tips above. These top seven tips will help you plan the perfect meeting, whether it’s limiting your guest list or identifying the event’s real purpose.

What makes a great Richland pub?

In Richland, a Richland pub is considered as one of the best there is if:

  • Offers a variety of food and drinks selection
  • Great service
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Great decor
  • Offers pub snacks at the least

Yet, there’s more to make a Richland pub your top choice other than the above obvious reasons. A Richland pub can truly consider itself as one of the greats when it meets the following criteria:

Great Ambience

Perhaps creating a great ambience is the toughest thing for pubs to do. Some pubs have it while some just don’t make the grade. Be that as it may, great ambience achieved by top pubs includes:

Island bars

Implementing island bars is a great way for pubs not only to break up space but also to give off an atmospheric vibe. The use of island bars also creates a personal space for patrons during happy hour or any crowded events.

Relaxing music background

Too loud music can kill the atmosphere. Great pubs use suitable music that serves as a wonderful backdrop that allows relaxing and easy conversation.

Mellow lighting

Bright lights are a no-no to great pubs. Mellow lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere that can be killed off with the use of bright lights.

Great service

Popular pubs always prioritise the needs of their customers. Their clients’ comfort and needs are always anticipated and provided. This includes a welcoming door person that greets customers to make them feel welcomed as they walk in the door.

Bartenders play a very crucial role in creating the right welcoming spirit as a way to encourage customers to go back again and again. Some of the best pubs train their bartenders to introduce the various patrons to their neighbours as a way for them to start talking to each other.

Great table service is another crucial service that good pubs commonly show. The serving staffs are highly trained to provide efficient and friendly service to patrons such as noticing when glasses are empty.

Clean washrooms and toilets

Dirty toilets and washrooms are always a deal-breaker for public places like pubs. Quality pubs make it a point to constantly monitor toilets and washrooms. This includes a ready supply of hand towels and hot water. High-end pubs employ toilet attendants that are ready to provide a squirt of soap and hot towels to every patron using the toilet or washroom.

Great decor

Growing old gracefully is often the vibe given off by well-designed pubs. Yet, this kind of atmosphere is only achieved with regular refits. The best pubs commonly create decors to include:

Well-designed bar station

One of the most essential decors for pubs is a well-organised and well-designed bar station. This allows bartenders to have everything handy within reach without having to move too far away.

Sturdy flooring

The floors of good pubs do not only look great; they have to be sturdy as well to withstand high heels and spillages. This is the reason why bars and pubs prefer floors made of planked and thick hardwood.

Friday nights and weekends are the best time for people to let their hair down. What better way to spend some downtime with family and friends than to enjoy light conversation, great food, and a few drinks at a great pub? Have drinks and dinner at the Richlands Tavern.

Advantages of Promotional Wristbands

Promotional or event wrist bands as they are popularly known have a great many advantage. There are whole lot of companies which invest in these budget friendly accessories. These are quite the in thing at a corporate event. In fact you would see them being sported by television personalities for a cause they want to promote. Some teams even wear wristbands with their sponsors initials or logo printed on it.

For a sports event it’s not only the team which wears these bands, in fact everyone who is supporting their favorite team would be seen wearing this bright colored bands. These can be   designed using either rubber, silicone or plastic. It all depends upon the budget of the sponsor and the quality of the band they are after.

So what should you keep in mind when designing promotional wrist bands for your business event? Simple, just keep the following things in mind:

  • You should make sure that the wrist bands you offer to your clients or everyone attending the event need to be durable. They shouldn’t snap when someone is trying to get them on their wrist. It just doesn’t cast a great first impression. Durable wristbands can be used at a number of other occasion as well. People might just keep these as a memento of the event that they attended.
  • These should be fashionable. Just because these are handed out at a corporate event doesn’t mean that they have to be one like boring stuff. The wrist bands should be fashionable enough to be worn time and again and not just for one particular day. The more someone wears those bands the more chances you have of your business being promoted.
  • Wrist bands can even be sold at an event. This works well for events which are support to promote a cause. For example if your business is keen on having water or resources, you can always have bands printed with the cause on it along with the logo of your company. These bands though given for free to the employees can be sold of fora nominal price at fund raising events. All the profit which you get can be used to promote the cause. So make sure that the bands are fashionable yet durable at the same time.
  • Wrist bands can be a great marketing tool. However, these should be designed in the right way o as to promote your brand or business. Always make sure that you purchase these bands from a reliable supplier. There are many companies which sell promotional gear but you need to find one which is well known for its quality products. If possible do check out that they have to offer.
  • Also keep in mind that wrist bands are used for other purposes besides marketing. These can be used as identification. So if you are looking for promotional wristbands  for this purpose, make sure you heck out with the suppliers in this case as well.




Ultimate Hunter Valley Restaurant Guide

Want to enjoy the finest cuisine, escape from it all, bring back the romance or pursue relaxing outdoor activities? You can have it all by visiting the Hunter Valley Region.

This lovely mecca offers gardens to explore, cheese and wine tastings, countless vineyards, spas galore, and fine dining for you, your loved ones and friends.

Often chosen as a hideaway place for fine dining for a day or spending the night, restaurants Hunter Valley will not disappoint.

The use of the freshest local ingredients has made the culinary reputation of the Hunter Valley a force to reckon with. The serving of acclaimed wines to the varied menus served in the different restaurants of the Hunter Valley Region up the ante in the fine dining experience.


The Boutique Brewhouse dining experience

The various crafted beer styles make the pasta, bites, homemade pies, and pizza taste more fantastic. This is the unique and family-friendly dining experience provided by indoor and outdoor seating by boutique Brewhouse restaurants in the Hunter Valley.


Cafe & Restaurant dining

Relaxing during the weekend is enhanced by hearty servings of Australian-style breakfast, brunch or late-night dinner. Dinner can be a gustatory trip with the eight-course servings provided by most cafes & restaurants in the Hunter Valley.


Season’s best dining

Dining on the freshest local produce can be enjoyed with restaurants in the Hunter Valley offering the season’s best. The alfresco dining enhances the ambience and taste of the best foods the season has to offer.


European-inspired fine dining

Restaurants located in the vineyards of Hunter Valley offer European-inspired menus to enhance the ambience of the surroundings. Amazing mountain range views presented by these types of restaurants make the dining the most elegant ever.


Asian-inspired seafood dining

A yearning for the fresh catch of the day and season can be enjoyed at Asian-inspired seafood restaurants in Hunter Valley. Restaurants like these types are usually located alongside serene lake spots in Hunter Valley. This is to ensure the best tranquil and relaxing ambience is offered for all choosing this kind of dining experience.

Vineyard, winery, and restaurant

Most vineyards in the Hunter Valley Region offer accommodation, wines, cafes, and eating places. Opting to take advantage of the various offers of these vineyards reap benefits in terms of ambience, views, wine-tasting, great accommodation, and exquisite dining experiences. Each food serving will be equally matched by a suitable wine.

Kitchen gardens restaurants

Some vineyards in the Hunter Valley Region offer kitchen garden type of restaurants. This means that vegetables and wines served during mealtime come from directly from the vineyard and orchard. Additionally, favourite food items such as bread, pasta, butter, gelato, and cheeses are freshly prepared in the area. The estate-grown menu items offered by these types of restaurants make them the perfect choice for families and groups of people who want to experience the best Hunter Valley had to offer.

Free-range game and poultry

The delicious products offered by some restaurants in Hunter Valley include free-range game and poultry. Additionally, fresh seafood from the nearby coastline is served for those who want to experience eating the day’s catch.

The Hunter Valley Region is open to all visitors for all seasons. The menu offerings of the restaurants depend on the available produce of a season. Rest assured though that the dining experience in Hunter Valley will always be exceptional in all seasons. So what restaurant is the best in Hunter Valley? It all depends on your personal preference.




Essentials of party catering: how to hire

Preparing for an event is an engaging process. There are small details if you miss, your party won’t have the most exquisite touch that you’d like it to have. Remember, the climax of any party is food and drinks. As much as you emphasise other aspects, providing the most decent, delicious and enough food and drinks will keep people happy.

To get unique services, you must hire the best catering services. Party catering services are handy, especially if you want to feed a crowd. Not only can they provide enough food, but they’ll make sure to leave your guests wanting a taste of something else from their kitchen.

You should know that delicious food usually brings people together. Caterers understand this part well, and that is why they provide exceptionally healthy options for your guests. That doesn’t come on a golden platter, though. You need to plan together with your caterer carefully. Everything you plan must happen within the time frame.

Below are the essential things that can make your party catering outstanding.

Hiring the best caterer

Everybody wants to hire someone well-versed with what they do. Unfortunately, that may not happen easily. Why? Because many people purport to be top-notch caterers, yet they do not meet the minimum qualifications or do not have relevant experience. The worst part is that they aggressively advertise their services to woo unsuspecting customers.

Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can follow to get the best caterer. They include:

  • Certifications: the caterer you hire should comply with the Brisbane food standards as well as meet any requirements laid down by the Australian food policy.
  • Customer reviews: look at online reviews about the caterer. Still, consider recommendations. These two aspects are very telling of the ability of the caterer to get the work done. I bet you don’t want a mess.
  • Experience/specialisation: some caterers are specialists in particular fields. Depending on the type of party you are holding, you can easily select a suitable candidate.
  • Communication: open and timely communication is vital.
  • Customer services: the caterer should put you as their number one priority.

Consider the equipment

The right set of equipment makes the process of serving food flow smoothly. With the right gear, you can serve and distribute foods and drinks with greater efficiency. The gear you use should be classy as well as sturdy. Such equipment uplifts the outlook of your party.

The important things to consider regarding catering Brisbane are:

  • Serving trays: they are essential in carrying and distributing food.
  • Bus bins: these are necessary for collecting used utensils
  • Water pitchers: they store water. Have as many as possible.

If your party is buffet style you should a sufficient supply of Tongs, Chafing dishes, lighter, serving baskets, Cutting boards, Cutting knives, Dishcloths and Rolled silverware.

Table settings

Table setting should have both functional elements and decorative elements. The table determines how stunning your table is, as well as determines how your guest will seat while eating.  Important things to consider are different types of plates, towels/paper napkins, glasses, etc.

Beverage section

Handling some drinks can be hectic. However, if you dedicate a section to beverages only, it can make the whole process a breeze. You can name it a coffee/beverage point, and sock it adequately. It should have coffee cups, straws, glasses, pitchers, ice tubs, garbage can, etc.








Luxury Accommodation in Gold Coast

Australia has been destiny for many years for both international and domestic holidaymakers. Gold Coast being the destination of choice for many, Gold Coast provides them with luxurious accommodation for those itching for luxury and that errand on budget. While in Gold Coast or as you plan to travel, keep in mind the type of accommodation that will best meet your holidaying needs. For example, if you are planning to book a hotel to stay in or rent a holiday apartment, it should be prior arrangements or book with hotel booking agents to avoid experiences. As for those seeking to travel to the Gold Coast and seeking golden luxurious accommodation, you will get them and even better. The Gold Coast has in store accommodation for any budget, so if on a lean budget it still has something in store for you.

Benefits of staying in a luxury hotel

You have been longing to stay in an ultra-luxury hotel to have a feel of what it is like to be in a luxurious hotel? If the answer to this question is yes, then Ultiqa have luxury accommodation in Gold Coast. They will take your hotel experience right to the next level. Luxury hotels have the potential to offer experiences beyond expectations. In this article, I am glad to show you some of the benefits and features you would likely feel in your next travel to the Gold Coast. Not every bit in my list of benefits though shall be applicable, so, do some extra research if you are after something.

  1. Beautiful designs that will take away your breath for a moment In the best luxury hotel, everything from exterior right to the reception and the lounge is designed in a beautiful and fancy way. Especially to the lounge, you will feel like you are in another world for a moment, when you first step in. These kinds of designs are from the best architectural, structural designs.
  2. Sweet scents always From the moment you walk into a luxury hotel, you will smell amazingly luxurious scents as you move along the corridors and even in the lounge and hotel rooms. Everything smells luxurious. These scents make you feel you have been offered a new lease of life while there. Little things like this in luxury hotels are pleasant and adds to your experience. Furthermore, these scents are changed often according to the occasion.
  3. Event and conference facilities Nearly all the luxury hotels have the most sophisticated amenities like the conference facilities, spas, pools, and event handling specialists who will take your event to the next level. If you are planning a wedding or a birthday or any event, they have the right professional who will pimp your event to the maximum level.
  4. Security Security at luxury hotels tends to be good all the time; they are often under 24-hour surveillance with CCTV cameras placed all over and other hidden cameras placed at strategic positions. Not to forget card access to almost everywhere in the hotel, from hotel rooms to the elevators that will take you to your floor. Thanks to technology for making security measures stringent.
  5. Exceptional services Receive a great deal of personal care from the luxury hotel staff. More often than not, luxury hotels absorb top cream professionals who will offer high standard hospitality to its customers who will take customer experience to the next level.

How to Find the Best Places to Eat in Hervey Bay

Do you enjoy having delicious food? Are you a true connoisseur of all things flavorful and palatable? If you are visiting Hervey Bay for the first time, chances are you looking for places to eat. It can be tricky finding a place which serves delicious food and is friendly on the pocket too. However, the following tips would help you find great places to eat in Hervey Bay.

Go for a culinary walking tour

Since Hervey Bay is one place where tourists flock during the whale watching season, there are some tours which take people on a culinary ride. This is a great way of getting yourself familiar on what the place has to offer in terms of food. Just make sure you book a tour as soon as your start your vacation. Not only do you get to visit the different eateries but also get to sample the food which they offer. Plus you get to know when and where all the places to eat are and which ones you actually lied enough for a return visit.

Take a look at what the local food bloggers have to say

It can be fun researching about a place’s culinary delights and where else would you find all the wonderful places but at a food blog. They make sure that they visit all the hot and happening places. Plus they would also spill the sauce on some of the delicious little secrets they came across. Also you can find different places which serve great food on a budget too. Or if you are planning to go all out you could even check out the places which offer fine dining. You can find all the information you need about places to eat in Hervey Bay at a food blog. You could even try social apps.

Get recommendations from the locals

You can get quite a bit of information from the local people. You can ask about good places to eat from the concierge at the hotel or the staff at the motel where you are staying. They would surely guide you to the right kind of places. The cabbies can get you information on places which serve food all night. Tell you about all the popular tourist spots which serve scrumptious lunch.

Search restaurants which serve local cuisine

You can easily find the best places to eat in Hervey Bay. The local restaurants offer some delicious food which is bound to appeal to you. There are about more than 130 places which serve food in Hervey Bay and there is definitely no dearth of choices. You can choose to visit the beach front cafes which not only offer mouthwatering food but also a great view.

There are many options for eating out in Hervey Bay. You can choose to grab a quick bite or sit down and enjoy a yummy lunch combined with a cup of coffee at your leisure. From reasonable to expensive there are many options for everyone.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Bus In Perth

There are many reasons and occasions why you need to hire a bus in Perth. Hiring buses are more practical and a more convenient option than driving your own vehicle. Hence, bus hire companies in Perth start to gain popularity to travelers and vacationers.

Because of the industry’s success, the number of businesses providing bus hire services in Perth have been increasing. The challenge of choosing a bus to hire becomes easy for renters, as the marketing competition becomes tight. Bus hire operators make an extra effort in providing people with good customer service, new buses to hire and cheaper packages.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Bus In Perth

To help you with your quest in finding the best bus to hire in Perth, read the factors you must consider:

Condition of the bus

This is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a bus in Perth. Check on the overall state and condition of the bus before choosing it. Make sure that the bus is equipped with a restroom, television, and music system. Choose the bus that can give your group or your family comfort.

You may also want to consider the condition of the seats, the air con and engine if they are all working properly, and all other aspects that may hinder you from achieving comfortable travel.

The experience and skill of the bus driver

It is important that you know the experience of the bus driver driving the vehicle you will hire. Their experience and expertise is very important to ensure that you will reach your destination not only comfortably, but safely too.

It is best if you have a small interview session with the driver before you hire the bus. Ask him about the level of his understanding about traffic regulations in Perth or to other cities you are visiting in Australia.

Let him show you his driver’s license and check its validity.

The size of the bus to hire

There are many sizes of bus to hire in Perth, there are minibuses and huge buses. Minibuses are best to accommodate small groups while big buses are for larger groups.

It is not recommended that you do not hire a huge bus if there are only a few people travelling, as huge buses are more expensive than minibuses. Same as hiring minibuses, if the group is huge, as that may not accommodate everyone. Ask the bus operator for the bus capacity for a clearer expectation.

Customer service

You may also want to consider the company’s customer service. Do they always have an available representative to pick up your call for inquiries? Do they have an available roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Customer service is important to ensure you will have a safe, convenient and easy travel experience.


There are many bus hire companies in Perth, hence you have the opportunity to choose the bus that you can afford. Before you compare prices, consider all of the factors provided above. You would not want to get cheap bus hire and end up in the middle of the road because the bus engine breaks down.

When considering the cost, make sure that you prioritise value for money than just the price tag.

Now that you know the factors to consider when looking for a bus hire in Perth, you will never be wrong choosing the bus that will bring you to places in and around the city.

Getting the most from your holiday accommodation in Hervey Bay

Thinking about travelling to Hervey Bay for a few days only? Make sure you consider the option of staying in a short term rental. You could choose from an array of many options which Hervey Bay accommodation offers you. You may prefer to stay at a hotel, an apartment, a motel or even a sublet. But before you decide on an accommodation, keep the following things in mind to make the most of your holiday accommodation.

Pack wisely

This holds true and is especially important for people who plan to travel for a short while only. Just make sure you pack your clothes and basic necessities. The rentals offer most of the amenities. Despite the fact that you may choose which is budget friendly you are bound to have your daily stash of towels, soap and shampoo. Try travelling light, it can make your vacation much more comfortable.

Don’t forget your camera and holiday gear

Hervey bay has a scenic beauty which would awe you. Plus you can choose from a number of tours which are offered by different companies. You could choose a whale watching tour or a morning spent at the sea enjoying the good weather. Make sure you have the sunscreen, floppy hate and your sun glasses handy. Also dot forget to bring your camera as you would be busy clicking away all the wonderful sights.

Don’t wait too long to make a booking

If you are travelling during the peak tourist seasons, you have to make an early booking for accommodation in Hervey bay. Waiting last minute and hoping for a cheap accommodation isn’t the wisest decision. The hotels and short term rentals are mostly occupied at this time. Make an early booking so you are not disappointed and can make the most of your short holiday.

Get to know all about the check in and check out

Once you have made a booking you should write it down when you are supposed to check in and check out. Forgetting the dates is pretty common especially if you have planned a vacation in a hurry or travelling with children. In any case knowing the exact dates can help save you from the penalty of a late checkout.

Would you be served breakfast?

While it may not seem like a big deal, you would definitely want some sustenance before you make your way to your daily activities. Nobody would give up on a complimentary breakfast. You are ready for the day because you have had your fill and you didn’t have to pay for a meal either. An accommodation which offers a complimentary breakfast should be your first choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a frequent traveler or someone who travels occasionally, planning a trip requires thinking ahead. You have to know that you have made the right decision when it comes to choosing accommodation apartments available in Hervey Bay. Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would definitely help.

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