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Travelling abroad can be a daunting task for those who are not well prepared for the complete culture shock they might be jumping into. But it doesn’t have to be. Good preparation goes a long way into enjoying your vacation and not feel like the entire experience was a nightmare that won’t end. This article focuses on the most common tips and tricks one must know to ensure that their trip will be as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Hotel Business Cards

It is a good practice to obtain a business card of the hotel you are staying at. This way if you find yourself lost, you have this card to rely on to get you home if you have trouble with the local language. It’s just a little extra insurance and that never hurts to have.

  1. Passport Renewal

If your passport expires in the next months, its good practice to get it renewed. It is not uncommon for countries to deny you entry if it does. This is on the off chance that, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may stay in the country after it has expired. Trust me that is way more trouble than anyone wants. If you travel a lot, try to align the passport renewal in the downtime between travels so your schedule is not affected.

  1. Fraud Alerts

Notify your credit card companies that you will be leaving the country and duration of your trip so when you do use your card, it doesn’t get flagged and blocked when you need it the most. Also, keep in mind countries you may be visiting on a layover to completely protect yourself while using your credit card with confidence.


  1. Carry medicine

It might be wise to carry around regular medication for common illness as a just in case. It is a headache to find a drugstore and find the medicine you are looking for sometimes because of the language barrier. You never know when a bout of the flu or diarrhoea might hit especially third world countries.

  1. Cheaper Flights

It is smart to check the local airlines in the country you are visiting because you might be getting a better deal. You can end up paying literally half the amount if you are willing to go through translating the pages using a service like Google Translate. These services have gotten to a point where it has become so reliable there is no reason not to use them.

  1. Unwanted Local Currency

One of the best ways to get rid of the local currency is to give to the hotel when you are checking out. Give out all the local money you have and then pay the rest with a card. This way you won’t have a bunch of loose change leftover.

By following these tips you can make your international trips a little easier and more fun. The lesser you have to worry about small things, the more you can take in from your hard earned vacation.



Travelling brings with it a kind of joy that is unparalled and unlike anything else. It helps you unwind, experience the unexpected and simply take a minute away from the complexities of everyday life. Today travellers are more aware than ever of all the world has to offer and thus puts a lot of thought into every destination they decide to visit. In this article we have listed out some of the best places to travel to, by popular opinion.

Initially a volcano strictly inaccessible by travellers, today Bora Bora is the perfect vacation spot. The volcano having subsided has formed a barrier reef and this prevents any high waves and makes for a quiet and protected sanctuary. The island is surrounded by pristine blue waters and vacationers can get themselves cottages right in the heart of the island, a stone throw away from the beach.
bora bora

Marrakech is an abundance of souks, mosque’s, palaces and more. The city is a whirlwind of colours and fabrics and will keep you exploring for days. Its markets are an array of appealing products like silverware, brass ware and handicrafts that will leave you haggling with shop owners. The main square of Marrakech, Djemaa El-Fna is overflowing with the locals, musicians and even snake charmers to entertain you.


Earlier often viewed as simply a ‘just passing by’ city, Prague has now earned the reputation of a popular spot for all European travellers who stop at the city for its breweries, parties and scenic spots to feast the eye. Couples on their honey moon love a visit to the Cesky Krumlov, perhaps the most romantic town in the entirety of Europe.

4: ROME:
Rome, Italy, the Eternal city, is a favourite of all travellers since time immemorial. The largest city in Italy, Rome boasts of an abundance of attractions which includes the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican City and St Peters Basilica, just to name a few.

It is no wonder this city makes the cut to the list of best places to visit. The city of light has always been on the bucket list for all travel lovers and this is no surprise because it hosts a large array of sightseeing spots, designer boutiques, beautiful cakes and of course, the Eiffel Tower. The French locals are gentle and hospitable and will leave you feeling very welcome in their city that is filled to the brim with art, fashion and beauty. Apart from the Eiffel tower, some of the most beautiful spots in Paris include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, the palace of Versailles etc.

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