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Latest News

Luxury Accommodation in Gold Coast

Australia has been destiny for many years for both international and domestic holidaymakers. Gold Coast being the destination of choice for many, Gold Coast provides them with luxurious accommodation for those itching for luxury and that errand on budget. While in Gold Coast or as you plan to travel, keep in mind the type of accommodation that will best meet your holidaying needs. For example, if you are planning to book a hotel to stay in or rent a holiday apartment, it should be prior arrangements or book with hotel booking agents to avoid experiences. As for those seeking to travel to the Gold Coast and seeking golden luxurious accommodation, you will get them and even better. The Gold Coast has in store accommodation for any budget, so if on a lean budget it still has something in store for you.

Benefits of staying in a luxury hotel

You have been longing to stay in an ultra-luxury hotel to have a feel of what it is like to be in a luxurious hotel? If the answer to this question is yes, then Ultiqa have luxury accommodation in Gold Coast. They will take your hotel experience right to the next level. Luxury hotels have the potential to offer experiences beyond expectations. In this article, I am glad to show you some of the benefits and features you would likely feel in your next travel to the Gold Coast. Not every bit in my list of benefits though shall be applicable, so, do some extra research if you are after something.

  1. Beautiful designs that will take away your breath for a moment In the best luxury hotel, everything from exterior right to the reception and the lounge is designed in a beautiful and fancy way. Especially to the lounge, you will feel like you are in another world for a moment, when you first step in. These kinds of designs are from the best architectural, structural designs.
  2. Sweet scents always From the moment you walk into a luxury hotel, you will smell amazingly luxurious scents as you move along the corridors and even in the lounge and hotel rooms. Everything smells luxurious. These scents make you feel you have been offered a new lease of life while there. Little things like this in luxury hotels are pleasant and adds to your experience. Furthermore, these scents are changed often according to the occasion.
  3. Event and conference facilities Nearly all the luxury hotels have the most sophisticated amenities like the conference facilities, spas, pools, and event handling specialists who will take your event to the next level. If you are planning a wedding or a birthday or any event, they have the right professional who will pimp your event to the maximum level.
  4. Security Security at luxury hotels tends to be good all the time; they are often under 24-hour surveillance with CCTV cameras placed all over and other hidden cameras placed at strategic positions. Not to forget card access to almost everywhere in the hotel, from hotel rooms to the elevators that will take you to your floor. Thanks to technology for making security measures stringent.
  5. Exceptional services Receive a great deal of personal care from the luxury hotel staff. More often than not, luxury hotels absorb top cream professionals who will offer high standard hospitality to its customers who will take customer experience to the next level.



How to Find the Best Places to Eat in Hervey Bay

Do you enjoy having delicious food? Are you a true connoisseur of all things flavorful and palatable? If you are visiting Hervey Bay for the first time, chances are you looking for places to eat. It can be tricky finding a place which serves delicious food and is friendly on the pocket too. However, the following tips would help you find great places to eat in Hervey Bay.

Go for a culinary walking tour

Since Hervey Bay is one place where tourists flock during the whale watching season, there are some tours which take people on a culinary ride. This is a great way of getting yourself familiar on what the place has to offer in terms of food. Just make sure you book a tour as soon as your start your vacation. Not only do you get to visit the different eateries but also get to sample the food which they offer. Plus you get to know when and where all the places to eat are and which ones you actually lied enough for a return visit.

Take a look at what the local food bloggers have to say

It can be fun researching about a place’s culinary delights and where else would you find all the wonderful places but at a food blog. They make sure that they visit all the hot and happening places. Plus they would also spill the sauce on some of the delicious little secrets they came across. Also you can find different places which serve great food on a budget too. Or if you are planning to go all out you could even check out the places which offer fine dining. You can find all the information you need about places to eat in Hervey Bay at a food blog. You could even try social apps.

Get recommendations from the locals

You can get quite a bit of information from the local people. You can ask about good places to eat from the concierge at the hotel or the staff at the motel where you are staying. They would surely guide you to the right kind of places. The cabbies can get you information on places which serve food all night. Tell you about all the popular tourist spots which serve scrumptious lunch.

Search restaurants which serve local cuisine

You can easily find the best places to eat in Hervey Bay. The local restaurants offer some delicious food which is bound to appeal to you. There are about more than 130 places which serve food in Hervey Bay and there is definitely no dearth of choices. You can choose to visit the beach front cafes which not only offer mouthwatering food but also a great view.

There are many options for eating out in Hervey Bay. You can choose to grab a quick bite or sit down and enjoy a yummy lunch combined with a cup of coffee at your leisure. From reasonable to expensive there are many options for everyone.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Bus In Perth

There are many reasons and occasions why you need to hire a bus in Perth. Hiring buses are more practical and a more convenient option than driving your own vehicle. Hence, bus hire companies in Perth start to gain popularity to travelers and vacationers.

Because of the industry’s success, the number of businesses providing bus hire services in Perth have been increasing. The challenge of choosing a bus to hire becomes easy for renters, as the marketing competition becomes tight. Bus hire operators make an extra effort in providing people with good customer service, new buses to hire and cheaper packages.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Bus In Perth

To help you with your quest in finding the best bus to hire in Perth, read the factors you must consider:

Condition of the bus

This is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a bus in Perth. Check on the overall state and condition of the bus before choosing it. Make sure that the bus is equipped with a restroom, television, and music system. Choose the bus that can give your group or your family comfort.

You may also want to consider the condition of the seats, the air con and engine if they are all working properly, and all other aspects that may hinder you from achieving comfortable travel.


The experience and skill of the bus driver

It is important that you know the experience of the bus driver driving the vehicle you will hire. Their experience and expertise is very important to ensure that you will reach your destination not only comfortably, but safely too.

It is best if you have a small interview session with the driver before you hire the bus. Ask him about the level of his understanding about traffic regulations in Perth or to other cities you are visiting in Australia.

Let him show you his driver’s license and check its validity.


The size of the bus to hire


There are many sizes of bus to hire in Perth, there are minibuses and huge buses. Minibuses are best to accommodate small groups while big buses are for larger groups.

It is not recommended that you do not hire a huge bus if there are only a few people travelling, as huge buses are more expensive than minibuses. Same as hiring minibuses, if the group is huge, as that may not accommodate everyone. Ask the bus operator for the bus capacity for a clearer expectation.


Customer service


You may also want to consider the company’s customer service. Do they always have an available representative to pick up your call for inquiries? Do they have an available roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Customer service is important to ensure you will have a safe, convenient and easy travel experience.




There are many bus hire companies in Perth, hence you have the opportunity to choose the bus that you can afford. Before you compare prices, consider all of the factors provided above. You would not want to get cheap bus hire and end up in the middle of the road because the bus engine breaks down.

When considering the cost, make sure that you prioritise value for money than just the price tag.

Now that you know the factors to consider when looking for a bus hire in Perth, you will never be wrong choosing the bus that will bring you to places in and around the city.







Getting the most from your holiday accommodation in Hervey Bay

Thinking about travelling to Hervey Bay for a few days only? Make sure you consider the option of staying in a short term rental. You could choose from an array of many options which Hervey Bay accommodation offers you. You may prefer to stay at a hotel, an apartment, a motel or even a sublet. But before you decide on an accommodation, keep the following things in mind to make the most of your holiday accommodation.

Pack wisely

This holds true and is especially important for people who plan to travel for a short while only. Just make sure you pack your clothes and basic necessities. The rentals offer most of the amenities. Despite the fact that you may choose which is budget friendly you are bound to have your daily stash of towels, soap and shampoo. Try travelling light, it can make your vacation much more comfortable.

Don’t forget your camera and holiday gear

Hervey bay has a scenic beauty which would awe you. Plus you can choose from a number of tours which are offered by different companies. You could choose a whale watching tour or a morning spent at the sea enjoying the good weather. Make sure you have the sunscreen, floppy hate and your sun glasses handy. Also dot forget to bring your camera as you would be busy clicking away all the wonderful sights.

Don’t wait too long to make a booking

If you are travelling during the peak tourist seasons, you have to make an early booking for accommodation in Hervey bay. Waiting last minute and hoping for a cheap accommodation isn’t the wisest decision. The hotels and short term rentals are mostly occupied at this time. Make an early booking so you are not disappointed and can make the most of your short holiday.

Get to know all about the check in and check out

Once you have made a booking you should write it down when you are supposed to check in and check out. Forgetting the dates is pretty common especially if you have planned a vacation in a hurry or travelling with children. In any case knowing the exact dates can help save you from the penalty of a late checkout.

Would you be served breakfast?

While it may not seem like a big deal, you would definitely want some sustenance before you make your way to your daily activities. Nobody would give up on a complimentary breakfast. You are ready for the day because you have had your fill and you didn’t have to pay for a meal either. An accommodation which offers a complimentary breakfast should be your first choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a frequent traveler or someone who travels occasionally, planning a trip requires thinking ahead. You have to know that you have made the right decision when it comes to choosing accommodation apartments available in Hervey Bay. Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would definitely help.


Tips to Finding Affordable Accommodation in Hervey Bay

While travelling, accommodation is the best way you can save a lot of money. Whether you are a student or traveling for a vacation; finding an affordable accommodation can save you a lot of bucks. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to accommodation.

No matter what your personal interests are,  one common interest  is that no one wants to pay for a fortune just to be accommodated somewhere. There are way ways to find a cheap holiday accommodation in Hervey Bay.

Hospitality Exchanges

Staying with someone who lives where you are going is one of the best ways to find free accommodation. Staying with a local will not only give you a place to sleep but also give you a chance to learn the local culture. You will have an opportunity to have someone take you around and also provide vital information of the area.

There are a few websites that facilitates hospitality exchange. Couchsurfing, Global Freeloader and Hospitality are among the few where you can meet with your potential hospitality exchange. These websites makes it easy for travelers to interact with locals of the area they are visiting.

Hospitality exchange makes it possible for the traveler to enjoy sites, parties and restaurants that are not in the tour guidebook. You might be wondering how comfortable or safe the exchange is.

A lot of studies have found that people, who are open for strangers to come to their homes, tend to be open -minded and mostly have traveled too. Moreover, the sites take security precautions such as ratings and reviews from peoples visit and verification of participants.

Stay in Fully Furnished Apartments

Staying in a fully furnished apartment is cheaper than hotels. They come in handy if you want to spend like a week or less.  The apartments have more amenities compared to hotel rooms.  For instance, you can decide to cook while on vacation. The price bridges between that of a hotel and a hostel.

It can be expensive if you are travelling alone but if you are with family, it is affordable.  Use Airbnb to find a good rental accommodation in Hervey Bay.

Stay on a Farm

Farm stay allows you to stay on a farm, engage in the activities of the farm and enjoy outdoor activities available on the farm. Depending on the farm, you have an opportunity to enjoy luxurious rooms. During your stay, camp with your family. Use farm stay Australia to enjoy farm stay in Hervey Bay.

Collect Hotel Points

The cheapest way to get accommodation is staying for free. Collect hotel points through various programs so you can redeem them for accommodation of a certain number of days. You can sign up for hotel credit card; you don’t need to spend money to get the bonus points.

Stay in Hostels

Another way to find cheap accommodation is staying in hostels. There is a myth that says hostels are for young people or students. However, hostels provide more amenities than hotels. They have single and double rooms and offer packages for both singles and spouses.

The only difference is that some of the amenities are shared. It is best when traveling in a group and you have a specific budget.




Luxury Boat Hire in Sydney

The first thing which comes to mind when thinking about luxury boat hire in Sydney is an image of a fabulous looking yacht careening on the pristine waters of the Sydney harbor. The feeling of utter freedom which one can feel on a luxury yacht is not like any other experience. The gentle crash of the waves on the yacht and the feeling of utter bliss and contentment which you feel at sea is something which you shouldn’t be missing, especially if you can afford it. 

The following are a few reasons why you should hire a luxury boat in Sydney:

  • A luxury cruise is an experience like no other. You get to see the most beautiful sights at sea and enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner, depending upon the time you have chosen to cruise on the yacht. It’s the ultimate in a luxury ride at sea and you have the complete crew at your beck and call.
  • Hiring a luxury yacht allows you the freedom to entre out in territories which are exotic and beautiful. On a vacation, your aim is to explore the entire place at leisure and what better way to do it rather than doing it in style on a luxury boat.
  • Even if you lack any sort of boating experience you can still go about and hire a luxury boat. This is because the luxury boat comes along with a captain and a crew. This way you don’t have to worry about maneuvering the boat or taking care of the way you steer it. You just simply sit back and enjoy your boating experience while the crew handles all your concerns.
  • You can have the holiday escape of your dreams. You can enjoy a fun-filled day with friends and family and chance to get close to the sea and enjoy the amazing feeling of boating.
  • The only reason for hiring a luxury boat doesn’t necessarily mean you are out on vacation. You can even hold a corporate event or a party on the boat. In fact, people who are looking to enjoy a hen night could benefit from hiring a luxury boat. It would be a great time for bonding with friends and enjoying the last few days of freedom just before you tie the knot.
  • A luxury boat offers you to choose your privacy and have a wonderful time while boating. You can either choose to sway to the beats of gentle music or you could spend some quality time brushing your fishing skills.

Hiring a luxury boat in Sydney is a great way to spend an enjoyable vacation. Before you hire a boat keep things like costs and documentation in mind. Also, choose someone who is reliable and is known to provide the best quality boats in Sydney. Hiring a boat with a captain is always a better option when you don’t know a great deal about handling a luxury boat. Plus it frees you from quite a few worries.

Find the Best Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Celebrate the Whales in Queensland

Whale Watching – An Experience to Remember

When it comes to finding an awesome experience, going to Hervey Bay to watch the migrating whales is definitely at the top of the bucket list. What better way to learn about nature than to experience it in person? This is not just a boring nature channel show. This is the real thing. It’s heart-thumping, breathtaking action with a creature that brings the awesome beauty of nature.

Humpback whales are friendly, fun-loving creatures that want to get as close to us as we want to get to them. They are highly intelligent, playful creatures, and when on a whale tour, tourists get to experience these regal creatures up close and personal. One of the most remarkable things to do is join them in the ocean. Tourists can hire a tour boat to get them out on the water, or they can even join the others around them by swimming out on a surfboard, canoeing out, or taking out a raft directly to the whales. What a humbling experience!

Coming close to these breathtaking creatures can make any of the tourists feel passionate about nature. How can such an encounter be topped by anything else? Heart-pounding, mind-blowing beauty literally within the reach of one’s hand is an unbelievable event that will never be forgotten.

When coming from the cold waters in the Antarctic, they stop in the waters off Queensland. This gives them much-needed time to rest from their long journey. It gives the mother whales time to teach their calves how to survive in the ocean. Best of all, it gives humans time to get to know them, at least for the period from July to November. They stay longest in Hervey Bay, so the best whale watching is in Hervey Bay and is definitely the place to go to experience this life-altering occurrence.

Much Needed Rest and Revitalisation

When their migration from Antarctica to warmer waters is done, it’s clear to see that the humpback whales are definitely not in any hurry. They swim between 5 and 15 kilometres an hour, which makes them wonderfully easy to locate and watch. They love to interact with the humans who come to see them and often love to show off for their captive audiences. They often breach water and slap their tails against the water. Another antic is what is called “spy-hopping,” when they float halfway out of the water.

Yet another experience to enjoy is when they come directly up to the boat a person is in, and roll to one side, giving the person a chance to look directly into their eye. It’s a breathtaking, heart-stopping sight that will stay with that person for the remainder of their life.

One experience of note is to get to listen to their songs. Only the males sing, and each family of whales has its own version of whale song, though it may differ slightly from year to year. Some of these songs can last up to 30 minutes. Amazingly, these songs can even be heard from up to 30 kilometres away.

Coming to experience the whales is an unequalled experience because a person is able to not just enjoy the sights and sounds of the whales, but they also learn a little more about the regal members of our ocean-going family. Learning their little quirks and understanding their needs is an essential part of the whale watching experience. Come to Hervey Bay and find the experience of a lifetime!

Why invest in Cubic Zirconia Jewellery

Are you thinking of buying a pair of cubic zirconia bangles? Cubic zirconia jewellery is quite popular with women. There are several reasons for that. The benefit of buying this kind of jewellery is that it gives you the amount of bling you want without having to spend mega bucks. Plus there are so many designs and varieties to choose form that you find yourself spoilt for choice. A single look at the extensive jewellery catalogue is enough to get anyone to desire thee classy looking pieces of cubic zirconia jewellery.

Not only do you get to wear the best pieces of accessories but to a lay person it’s not even apparent whether you are wearing diamonds or cubic zirconia. The stone resembles a diamond in so many ways. Its colourless, it has a diamond shine because it’s multifaceted and it’s can be fitted into any kind of setting.

However, before you purchase a cubic zirconia bangles or any other piece of jewellery, keep the following things in mind. You have to make sure that what you are buying is a quality product and not just some cheap imitation.

  • Keep in mind that a cubic zirconia is not a diamond, rather it is a diamond simulant. It does not have the same chemical and structural properties as a diamond.
  • While a diamond is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear due to its durability, cubic zirconia have a tendency to become cloudy over a period of time.
  • A cubic zirconia is usually colourless and doesn’t have any flaws. On the other hand a diamond always possesses some flaws because a flawless diamond is quite rare.
  • When buying cubic zirconia jewellery you need to take a look at the setting of the design you are interested in buying. It should be kept in mind that the setting of the jewellery that you are buying is definitely going to impact the cost of the item.
  • It’s advisable to choose a high quality metal. This would help the jewellery to last longer and also increase the life of the cubic zirconia. When used in a proper gold or silver setting, the jewellery can look beautiful and almost real.
  • Always buy cubic zirconia jewellery from a well-known dealer. If you are purchasing from an online store, you need to make sure that they are going to provide yo with some guarantee on the quality and class of the cubic zirconia bangle or ring.
  • Cubic zirconia jewellery is not just relegated to rings and bangles. There is a wide variety of other options to choose from as well. You can take a look at the selection of earrings, necklaces and even anklets. There are so many beautiful and classy design that you want to own at least four and five pieces of this classic looking jewellery.

If you are looking for the best diamond zirconia bangles and jewellery, make sure you take a look at the catalogue online.

Whale Watching

Here Is All You Need To Know About Hervey Bay Whale Watch Boats

Among whale watchers and even those who do not enjoy the hobby, Hervey Bay is known as one of the most amazing places to experience the amazing wonders of whale watching. This primarily explains why the entire area is dotted with whale watch boats. It is these Hervey Bay whale watch boats that we will be talking about in the following sections of this article.


Not a few people have wondered why there has to be a boat constructed for the sole aim of watching whales. This is a legitimate query, and interestingly, it turns out that there are excellent reasons for what many will consider an anomaly. The thing here is that all ocean-going or seafaring vessels are specialised and highly-customised.

The specialisation of design and customisation during construction are due to the peculiarities of the functions that each vessel is subjected to. For example, just as an oil tanker is designed for the transport of the black gold and fishing trawlers for catching massive amounts of fish, whale watch boats are also specially designed to be able to give maximum comfort when it comes to watching these giants of the deep. This explains why it is designed with this specific purpose in mind.


As hinted above, a whale watch boat is a special and different type of boat. What that means is that it is quite different in shape, design, and purpose with most of the other boats that many people are generally familiar with. A good example is the presence of a wide observation deck and the absence of long fishing lines like those seen in a fishing trawler. The Hervey Bay whale watch boats is also equipped with specific viewing gadgets like binoculars and specialised navigational equipment which can be so advanced to the extent that some of them are able to detect the sonar waves emitted by the whales themselves.


Just about anyone can own a whale watch boat. This holds true as long as the person applying for the ownership or the certification of the craft is able to meet all the various requirements that are attached to this. This varies from state to state, from country to country and from municipality to municipality. In Australia, the information is readily available at virtually any maritime authority or agency saddled with this responsibility.

Multiple Uses

Even though it is understandable to think that because whale watch boats are called thus, they cannot be used for any other function. Well, this is strictly not the case at all times. As a matter of fact, some whale watch boats are explicitly designed with the primary aim of ensuring that they can be used for numerous purposes.

Information on Wedding Car Hire in Sydney

If you interview 100 people on the streets at random and you ask them to tell you of the most memorable day of their lives, do not be surprised if a vast majority of the respondents reply without blinking that it is their wedding day. Yes, all over the world, irrespective of the culture, history or even faith, wedding ceremonies hold a significant place in the hearts of millions around the globe.

It is due to this that the special day of the celebration of love and the joining of souls together is planned for in the most careful way. Today, we will be revealing more information specifically on the wedding car in Sydney. The following sections will give much more specific details on this.

What is a chauffeured wedding car in Sydney?

Probably you are one of the countless and anxious romantic couples in the great city of Sydney looking forward to your big wedding day with your lover, but the only obstacle is that you are totally clueless about wedding car hire. Why? You have never done a wedding before, so you have no idea of how these elaborate vehicle trains are organised. Do not worry as we now live in an information age.

Wedding car hire services are all over Sydney, and you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you actually do not have to stress yourself that much to get the contact of a perfect and reliable one. A quick search on the cyberspace will give you a tremendous horde of information and all you need to know about a chauffeur in Sydney.

How Can You Know You Are Getting The Best?

This can sound like a tricky question, but it is a crucial one. So how will you know you are truly getting the best of deals from your local wedding car hire company in Sydney? Well, one of the best ways you can ensure this is to actually contact former clients who have had their weddings and ask them of their experiences with the chauffeured car hire company you want to make use of.

If the responses that you are given by the former clients are overwhelmingly positive, then you can be sure you are in safe hands. However, if what you get are angry and entirely negative responses from embittered couples then you should better get another company.

Another simple but very effective way by which you can get to know if your car hire company is really legit or not is to check the string of reviews that other customers have left on their website or social media pages. This often yields a lot of beneficial information that will ultimately guide your decision.

What our clients say

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Emma Cohen

I have used their services on a number of occasions. Recently I signed up my parents for a trip to Spain; my mum was sceptical when she left, but when she returned, she couldn’t stop gushing over the sort of care that was given to her.

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