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Money: few. Time: little. To travel a lot. If traveling the world is your passion do not be discouraged. There are ways to travel for free and maybe you are even paid to do it . Here’s how to do it.

House sitting
It’s a bit like a baby sitter or a dog sitter, but in this case you keep an eye on a house. It consists of taking care of homes (and sometimes even domestic animals) when the owners are traveling. And you are also paid.

Flight attendant
It is the first job that comes to mind when thinking of travel. The hostesses and stewards spend their time traveling and are also paid to do so. Is not it the most beautiful job in the world?

Tourist Guide
A little less demanding than the flight attendant who spends little time at home , the driving profession is perfect for those who love traveling , but it is also curious and wants to know (and make known) the beauty of a tourist resort. The guide can be specialized in a destination or work for a tour operator and accompany groups around the world.

In the term ‘voluntary’ it is already implied that for this activity you are not paid (sometimes there is a reimbursement of expenses, board and lodging). However, if you are predisposed to doing good, there is nothing better than seeing the world with a more ‘social’ eye. It is not necessary to reach dangerous destinations. It is also enough to  take care of the turtles on the island of Lampedusa or join the team at an international event.

Organic Farms
More and more people love to be in contact with nature and to eat organic products. There are many farmhouses and farms that accommodate people providing food and lodging in exchange for work . They range from sowing to milking, from cooking to household chores. Work is seasonal.

Free B & B in exchange for services
Skills have their price. If you are expert in some specific activity you can stay for free in many bed and breakfasts , even Italian ones. The important thing is that in exchange for food and accommodation spend a few hours transferring your knowledge to the owner. For example, if you are computerized you can help to create the website of the b & b or give away some technological gadget. If you are a good chef, you can cook for the guests and teach your secret recipes.