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A Low Down on the Marlin

Interested in Australian marlin charters? The marlin or the bill fish is considered as the pinnacle of offshore fishing. This is mainly due to the sheer power and size of the marlin and also because it’s a pretty rare catch. Marlin fishing dates backs to the 1930’s. There have literally been books written on the thrill and technique of catching a marlin.

The following are a few interesting facts on Marling fishing.

  • The most widely pursued species is the blue marlin found in the Atlantic and Pacific seas. They can reach a great size and their powerful fighting abilities make them the number one choice of enthusiastic anglers.
  • The marlin is a bony fish but can reach great sizes. A female marlin can be around 450kgs with the male being a little less the 400 Kgs.
  • The marlin I an eclectic feeder. It can eat anything from miniature file fish to tuna like fishes.

Fishing techniques used at Australian marlin charters

The fishing techniques and gear widely depend upon the size and kind of marlin being caught. The main methods used by fishermen are as follows.

Natural bait fishing

The traditional methods of catching the marlin was to make use of natural bait. The Spanish mackerel and the ballyhoo are widely used.

Artificial baits

The marlin is quite aggressive and responds well to artificial baits which splash and provide a bubble trial. Trolling with lures is quite popular. There are many designs which can be used to troll the marlin. Lures can be different sizes a typical small one is no more than eight inches. The medium ones being around twelve inches and the large ones being about 14 inches. These can have a shapes plastic or metal head to which the hook is attached. Experienced anglers know several methods to fine true their lures so they can always get a good chance of catching the much prized marlin.

Use of live bait

The usual live bait fishing involves using tuna. The trolling speed is kept limited because the bait has to remain alive and therefore needs to be tolled slowly.

The blue marlin is can be found on both the east and the west coast of Australia. Marlin sighting have been recorded as far as the Tasmanian bay in the east and Albany on the west coast. A blue marlin of over 1000 pounds has said to be spotted in the Australian waters. Still the best catches are attributed to the Gold Coast. The blue marlin can be captured when the water temperature is bit more then temperate. The fishing season in Australia is at peek from January to May or June.

All fishing methods like lure fishing, live bait fishing and artificial bates are used successfully in Australia. The blue marlin is usually sought after by anglers and spotted too while people have been fishing for the striped marlin.

For more information on Australian marlin charters make sure you talk to a registered Australian company.

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