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There are many reasons and occasions why you need to hire a bus in Perth. Hiring buses are more practical and a more convenient option than driving your own vehicle. Hence, bus hire companies in Perth start to gain popularity to travelers and vacationers.

Because of the industry’s success, the number of businesses providing bus hire services in Perth have been increasing. The challenge of choosing a bus to hire becomes easy for renters, as the marketing competition becomes tight. Bus hire operators make an extra effort in providing people with good customer service, new buses to hire and cheaper packages.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Bus In Perth

To help you with your quest in finding the best bus to hire in Perth, read the factors you must consider:

Condition of the bus

This is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a bus in Perth. Check on the overall state and condition of the bus before choosing it. Make sure that the bus is equipped with a restroom, television, and music system. Choose the bus that can give your group or your family comfort.

You may also want to consider the condition of the seats, the air con and engine if they are all working properly, and all other aspects that may hinder you from achieving comfortable travel.

The experience and skill of the bus driver

It is important that you know the experience of the bus driver driving the vehicle you will hire. Their experience and expertise is very important to ensure that you will reach your destination not only comfortably, but safely too.

It is best if you have a small interview session with the driver before you hire the bus. Ask him about the level of his understanding about traffic regulations in Perth or to other cities you are visiting in Australia.

Let him show you his driver’s license and check its validity.

The size of the bus to hire

There are many sizes of bus to hire in Perth, there are minibuses and huge buses. Minibuses are best to accommodate small groups while big buses are for larger groups.

It is not recommended that you do not hire a huge bus if there are only a few people travelling, as huge buses are more expensive than minibuses. Same as hiring minibuses, if the group is huge, as that may not accommodate everyone. Ask the bus operator for the bus capacity for a clearer expectation.

Customer service

You may also want to consider the company’s customer service. Do they always have an available representative to pick up your call for inquiries? Do they have an available roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Customer service is important to ensure you will have a safe, convenient and easy travel experience.


There are many bus hire companies in Perth, hence you have the opportunity to choose the bus that you can afford. Before you compare prices, consider all of the factors provided above. You would not want to get cheap bus hire and end up in the middle of the road because the bus engine breaks down.

When considering the cost, make sure that you prioritise value for money than just the price tag.

Now that you know the factors to consider when looking for a bus hire in Perth, you will never be wrong choosing the bus that will bring you to places in and around the city.

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