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Celebrate the Whales in Queensland

Whale Watching – An Experience to Remember

When it comes to finding an awesome experience, going to Hervey Bay to watch the migrating whales is definitely at the top of the bucket list. What better way to learn about nature than to experience it in person? This is not just a boring nature channel show. This is the real thing. It’s heart-thumping, breathtaking action with a creature that brings the awesome beauty of nature.

Humpback whales are friendly, fun-loving creatures that want to get as close to us as we want to get to them. They are highly intelligent, playful creatures, and when on a whale tour, tourists get to experience these regal creatures up close and personal. One of the most remarkable things to do is join them in the ocean. Tourists can hire a tour boat to get them out on the water, or they can even join the others around them by swimming out on a surfboard, canoeing out, or taking out a raft directly to the whales. What a humbling experience!

Coming close to these breathtaking creatures can make any of the tourists feel passionate about nature. How can such an encounter be topped by anything else? Heart-pounding, mind-blowing beauty literally within the reach of one’s hand is an unbelievable event that will never be forgotten.

When coming from the cold waters in the Antarctic, they stop in the waters off Queensland. This gives them much-needed time to rest from their long journey. It gives the mother whales time to teach their calves how to survive in the ocean. Best of all, it gives humans time to get to know them, at least for the period from July to November. They stay longest in Hervey Bay, so the best whale watching is in Hervey Bay and is definitely the place to go to experience this life-altering occurrence.

Much Needed Rest and Revitalisation

When their migration from Antarctica to warmer waters is done, it’s clear to see that the humpback whales are definitely not in any hurry. They swim between 5 and 15 kilometres an hour, which makes them wonderfully easy to locate and watch. They love to interact with the humans who come to see them and often love to show off for their captive audiences. They often breach water and slap their tails against the water. Another antic is what is called “spy-hopping,” when they float halfway out of the water.

Yet another experience to enjoy is when they come directly up to the boat a person is in, and roll to one side, giving the person a chance to look directly into their eye. It’s a breathtaking, heart-stopping sight that will stay with that person for the remainder of their life.

One experience of note is to get to listen to their songs. Only the males sing, and each family of whales has its own version of whale song, though it may differ slightly from year to year. Some of these songs can last up to 30 minutes. Amazingly, these songs can even be heard from up to 30 kilometres away.

Coming to experience the whales is an unequalled experience because a person is able to not just enjoy the sights and sounds of the whales, but they also learn a little more about the regal members of our ocean-going family. Learning their little quirks and understanding their needs is an essential part of the whale watching experience. Come to Hervey Bay and find the experience of a lifetime!

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