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There are lots of questions to ask when choosing Gold Coast meeting rooms. You can do a few things to make sure you don’t make mistakes when booking a meeting room. Here are seven ways to book the perfect meeting space.

Perfect meeting room tips

Below are useful tips to choose the ideal Gold Coast function venues.

  1. Find out who is on your guest list

How many people you invite will significantly impact the size of your venue. For a conference, a 12 person guest list may not require much space. However, ample space will be required for large meetings. It is not a good idea to have everyone squeezed into a small space. You should match the number of your guests with the space available. This will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time at your meeting.

  1. The purpose of the meeting

Your brand should be represented in the venue. Choose a brighter, more spacious location for a fun afternoon of team-building exercises and activities. For large meetings of clients or executives, choose a more formal and historical environment. The purpose of the event will determine the mood in the meeting room.

  1. Choose the right location

A successful off-site meeting is dependent on the location. The ideal location for your meeting space should be centrally located so that everyone can access it. It should be easily accessible by everyone and not hidden down a side street that no one can find. It must be easily accessible to public transportation and parking, or adequate and ideal free parking.

  1. A realistic expectation of headcount and space

Do you plan on having an all-hands meeting with remote workers or contractors? You can rent a space that is large enough for everyone. Do not try to squeeze 200 people in a space meant for 150. If you want to impress, make sure you give your interviewer enough space. Interviewing potential contractors or new employees in cramped but elegant offices will give them the wrong impression. A customer will feel uncomfortable meeting you in a small, cramped room. They’ll be curious about what other things you are cutting corners on to save money.

  1. Take a look at the amenities you need and those you don’t

Before you begin to look at meeting rooms, make a list of what you need and what you want. While you want comfortable chairs, there must be enough seating for everyone. You want to cater to the event yourself without the need for a third party. To make your presentation memorable, you need the right equipment. To impress clients, you will need an executive chair and a table. Before looking at potential locations, make sure you have all your requirements met.

  1. Facilities

Sometimes we need to rent more than a conference table and chairs. For example, for team building exercises, you might want to rent a hotel room at a reasonable rate so that your team can stay the night in a comfortable facility. You may also need to rent a space for product demonstrations and private meetings.

7.      Compare meeting rooms

There is nothing like going directly to the venue and inspecting it. You should visit your venue well in advance of the meeting. Do you require an electrical outlet to install a microphone stand or projector in a particular area of the room? Are you sure the space will be able to host your meeting? You can visit the venue before you go to help you plan the space layout that best suits your meeting purpose.

Final thoughts on choosing the perfect meeting room

The right meeting space can make a big difference in business settings. If you are looking for the best Gold Coast meeting rooms, make sure you read the tips above. These top seven tips will help you plan the perfect meeting, whether it’s limiting your guest list or identifying the event’s real purpose.

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