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Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Reception Venue in Brisbane

Preparing for a wedding is a daunting task for many, especially choosing a reception venue. The venue is where your wedding ceremony occurs, explaining why it is important to choose only the best.

The chosen venue also affects other aspects of your wedding such as décor. Here are some top tips to help you choose the best wedding reception venue in Brisbane:

Determine The Size Of The Venue –

First, determine how many people you would like to invite to your small wedding reception venue. The wedding reception venue Brisbane you choose should comfortably accommodate the number of people you expect to grace your event.

Looking at the venue when it is not set up can be misleading. Consult with your wedding planner on how the set up will be made and whether the venue will work for you.


Another crucial aspect of a wedding venue is privacy. If you choose a venue that’s in a public place, chances are you might see strangers walk past when your ceremony is happening.

Furthermore, some venues host different events concurrently, something that may inhibit your privacy. Therefore, consult with the management of the area on how private your ceremony will be.


One of the hindrances most couples have when choosing wedding reception venues in Brisbane is price. Determine how much you can afford so you only consider venues within your price range.

Create a budget in advance and allocate the right portion for your venue so all other aspects of your wedding are also catered for.

Determine The Style Of Your Wedding

Do you want your reception to be done exclusively indoors or outdoors? What are the colour themes of your wedding and the prominent colour palettes in the venue? Permanent colour schemes used in decorating the venue should go well with your wedding colour theme.

The structures at the venue determine the theme of your wedding. Is your wedding a classic fairy tale or a traditional one? The right venue should bring out the intended theme of your wedding really well.

Acoustics and Lighting

The lighting at the venue determines the ambience of your wedding when night falls. Make sure lighting can be controlled for the right mood. If you’re planning your wedding indoors, make sure the room has low echoes or none at all. Echoes can spoil the quality of music from the band or affect speech as people talk.

See Previous Pictures From The Venue

A wedding reception venue Brisbane might not look as adorable in the pictures as you might see it in reality. It is good to ask for pictures of previous weddings held in the venue to see how the pictures appear.

It is also recommended that you visit the venue at the time of day when your ceremony is expected to occur. It ensures you get a clear mental picture of what your big day will be like.

It is important to think about your guests. What will their experience be like? Ensure that there are enough charging ports, ample parking spaces, enough rooms for different activities and ample security.

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