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In Richland, a Richland pub is considered as one of the best there is if:

  • Offers a variety of food and drinks selection
  • Great service
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Great decor
  • Offers pub snacks at the least

Yet, there’s more to make a Richland pub your top choice other than the above obvious reasons. A Richland pub can truly consider itself as one of the greats when it meets the following criteria:

Great Ambience

Perhaps creating a great ambience is the toughest thing for pubs to do. Some pubs have it while some just don’t make the grade. Be that as it may, great ambience achieved by top pubs includes:

Island bars

Implementing island bars is a great way for pubs not only to break up space but also to give off an atmospheric vibe. The use of island bars also creates a personal space for patrons during happy hour or any crowded events.

Relaxing music background

Too loud music can kill the atmosphere. Great pubs use suitable music that serves as a wonderful backdrop that allows relaxing and easy conversation.

Mellow lighting

Bright lights are a no-no to great pubs. Mellow lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere that can be killed off with the use of bright lights.

Great service

Popular pubs always prioritise the needs of their customers. Their clients’ comfort and needs are always anticipated and provided. This includes a welcoming door person that greets customers to make them feel welcomed as they walk in the door.

Bartenders play a very crucial role in creating the right welcoming spirit as a way to encourage customers to go back again and again. Some of the best pubs train their bartenders to introduce the various patrons to their neighbours as a way for them to start talking to each other.

Great table service is another crucial service that good pubs commonly show. The serving staffs are highly trained to provide efficient and friendly service to patrons such as noticing when glasses are empty.

Clean washrooms and toilets

Dirty toilets and washrooms are always a deal-breaker for public places like pubs. Quality pubs make it a point to constantly monitor toilets and washrooms. This includes a ready supply of hand towels and hot water. High-end pubs employ toilet attendants that are ready to provide a squirt of soap and hot towels to every patron using the toilet or washroom.

Great decor

Growing old gracefully is often the vibe given off by well-designed pubs. Yet, this kind of atmosphere is only achieved with regular refits. The best pubs commonly create decors to include:

Well-designed bar station

One of the most essential decors for pubs is a well-organised and well-designed bar station. This allows bartenders to have everything handy within reach without having to move too far away.

Sturdy flooring

The floors of good pubs do not only look great; they have to be sturdy as well to withstand high heels and spillages. This is the reason why bars and pubs prefer floors made of planked and thick hardwood.

Friday nights and weekends are the best time for people to let their hair down. What better way to spend some downtime with family and friends than to enjoy light conversation, great food, and a few drinks at a great pub? Have drinks and dinner at the Richlands Tavern.

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