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Searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring can be really overwhelming for some people. Before you make the final decision so many things like budget, style and preference come into mind. Though there are no rules on what kind of engagement ring you should go for, there are certain guidelines which should be kept in mind when shopping diamond engagement rings in Sydney.

When buying a white diamond ring you should keep in mind the four C’s, these include cut, colour, clarity and carat. However, these rules don’t apply for coloured stones and you could choose which ever best quality is.

The Cut

The cut refers to the angle and the proportion of the stone. The cut is one of the most important things to consider when buying a diamond engagement rings. A well cut diamond has a mirror like facets which reflect the light and gives the diamond its sparkling look. This quality is known as brilliance.

The colour

A diamond which is structurally perfect has no colour at all. It has no hue. The degree of colourlessness is graded from D which is colourless to Z which is slightly yellow in colour. Colourless stones are the most expensive. This is why a colourless pristine diamond always costs more.

Clarity of the diamond

A diamond which is free from impurities tends to be more expensive.  Inclusions in the diamonds occur when the diamonds are being formed in the earth’s crust. Finding a diamond which is flawless is something which is very rare. The clarity of the diamond is also measured according to scale. There are some diamonds which have imperfections are often not visible to the naked eye.


The carat refers to the size and weight of the diamond. The larger the carat the rarer is a diamond.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that a diamond with a larger correct tends to look bigger. A diamond which ah a smaller carat but a shallow cut looks larger. The appearance of size is often an illusion which is created through things like the cut, design and the mount of the diamond ring.

When buying a diamond rings from Oroginale Jewellery there are also certain other factors to consider. These include

  • The shape and geometry of the ring.
  • The setting of the ring. For example the way a stone is mounted says a great deal about its look. You can get advice from your jeweller and even try a few diamond rings in different settings to see which one looks best on your finger.
  • Choosing the metal. There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing the metals. You can choose platinum which is the least hypoallergenic of all metals and is great for people with sensitive skin. Then there is gold which comes in different hues. You can also choose palladium which has somewhat of a more grey colour when compared to platinum. All these metals cost more or less. Choose one which works well for you.

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